10 Basic Methods to Increase Telegram Channel members

10 Basic Methods to Increase Telegram Channel members

As you know, these days social networks are also a tool for people to entertain.  As you know, wherever there are more audiences, it will bethe best place to advertise and market products andservices . Therefore, the telegrammessenger application that has involved many people these days is the best place for advertising, business andentertainment .

 Increasing the number of channel members and the telegram group is the main goal of any admin. One of the concerns of people who buy telegram member sand increasefollowersis to upgrade their business and introduce their services. Many people think thatwhatever  themembers of their telegram channel aremore, it isbetter and can make more moneySo they are buying telegrammembers  .

Of course, sometimes, thiscaseisfor channels that get paid for advertising, for example.  But that's notalwaysthe case!  There are channels with very few members that are not famous at all, and theycontinue to workin offlight . These channels make a lot more money than channels with several dozen thousand members!  No important number of members. ButIt's important that your channel members really follow your channel'stopic .


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Why should our channel have true telegrammembers ?

The meaning ofrealtelegram membersis that there are people on our channel who really love our channel content and always follow us.  It's not a good idea to force someone to followusThiscaseis true everywhere.  For example, inmarketingemail, sendingmail to people who do not know usis wrong andineffective .

 Marketing and advertising arealwaysimportant to peoplewho are our targetIt's the same in Telegram.  That is, wecan notforcefully invite people who do not like our content to our channel .This period is overto addmembersthrough the Fickadvertisements  onour channel.  Today, byusingbased methods, we need to make people follow ourchannels  withtheir own personal interestsSo it will bemuch easier to market our products and services onthem .

Using non-standard methods, such asincreasing  telegramChannel Followers , is a false, costlyand useless work. In general, anythinglikesthis has no effect on oursuccess ! somesites that use different ways to increase their website's visitorsand someowners ofInstagrampages looking for Fickfollowers .  These methodshas neverworked well, and in many cases, it not onlydid not have any profitsbutalso accompaniedwithdisadvantages .


 Basic Methods to Increase Telegram Channel members10 


Specify yourgoaland create your channel. 1

The first step in building a telegram channel is to know what your goal of creating a channel is.  You should specify your goal of setting up a telegram channel.  Specify the subject you are about to create content on yourchannel .

It is very important that you do not change the subject after you have identified the purpose and theme of your channel.  For example, if your channel's topic is health, you should not post content on humorous or political topics on your channel!  This will increase the dissatisfaction of your channel members and will leave your channel overtime .

 Unfortunately, many friends in hopes that by changing their channel's subject, they can attract moremembers, they do not succeed and they will losetheirtelegramchannelfollowers. Therefore, set the goal of making the channel, and do not change the link and subject of the channel after a while. Try to publish content related to the channel’s name and history to prevent members from falling. For example, if in a channel with a name and description of a scientific channel a comic or political message might be sent, some members may not like this and leave the channel .


2. Complete your Telegram Channel profile creatively

It's very important to usesuitablelogo and complete the description of your channelThereforeSelectthe logo image and description for your channel . Once you have identified your communication profile, try to describe the benefitstothe usersinthedescription sectionor in your ChannelBio . It does not matter at all that you are the first in yourfieldof ​​work, but it's important that you differ from your competitors and whatbenefits  youconsider for your audiences .

For example, the sentence "Every day, you can finish your daywith the motivated sentences of our channel ", it's much better and moreattractive than this sentence "motivational sentences in our channel".


3. Create ahighquality and attractivecontent

Try to produce and publish content thatuseful foryour channel usersCreating the right content is the first step in attracting members into the group. This can greatly influence the rise of the Telegram members. You should not change the subject of your productive content. Try to choose the best possible theme right from the beginning. Usually, entertainment channels produce content on any topic, and it does not matter what topics to post.  But the specialized channels are not so!  If your channel is specific to a particularfield, you should try to create useful and functional content for yourusers .

 You should havevariety  incontent creation.  Try to use popular formats such aswrittenphotosor images of gifor small video streams that spread like a virus betweenpeople . Infographicscan be strangely handled by telegrams.  Makinginfographicsis adifficultandhard work, but try to make and share some specialinfographicsrelated to your channeltheme . At the end of every post (text or image) that you post on the channel, put the channel id or URL (link) on it, so if channel posts are forwarded by members again, the channel link is alsosent .


Web - helperspecial offer: Can telegram be used as amarketing  tool ?

In social networks, speciallyin telegram, theusers are a bit boring. The volume of text should be limited as people are not quite interested in reading or knowing much through text. Try not tosharelong posts and put as much photos as you can with your posts.  Most of the time you canexplain your goal bywritingin aphoto .

Regarding the subject of your channel, I suggest usingvoice filesVoice files are very popular and your members can easily and at any time listen to yourvoicemail . As you know, thescreenof mobile phones is small, whichcauses many friendsnot topleasure to read your text posts.  For this reason, try tosharevoicefiles for thesuchpeople .


4. Specialize your channel posts

The most important thing to do istoSpecializeyour channel posts.  By doing this, you can greatly increase your channelmembers . Be sureif your posts arespecialprominentandattractive , they will beshared  to other peopleor other groupsby  your users  .

To do this, you shoulduse the logo or tag of your channel on your short images or videosThis can be done easily with the pic art appyoucan also putyour channel as a link or @ChannelNameunder each post . By doing this, when your posts are forwarded by other users to other users, they can also be added to your channel or group via thislink .


. Ask your audiences help in producingcontent5

Ask your users to produce content for you and put their content with their full specificationsin your channelOf course, according to the theme of your channel, you should do this.  For example, bringa specifictopicupand ask your user's opinionabout itaskthem to shareit in the form of an audio file, it is more attractive .

You can also ask them to askyoutheirquestions.  For example, youactin the field of online sales and marketing techniques, so, your audiencequestionswill be raised in thisfieldYou can create attractive content byanswering  theirquestions and putiton your channel .

You can also do this by raising a poll or contest.  For example, raising this topic "10 ways to increase Internetproductssales" and ask your users to send you 10 ways to sell Internetproducts .

Do not forgetthatyour channel is specialized and there are enthusiasts in yourfieldof​​activitySo they can help you in thisfieldAfter writingtheir own techniques, write an outline of the besttechniquesandshare itas a post on yourchannel .



. Join the groups and super-groups in the same field6

Try tofind  thegroups and super groups that aresame of your field and actonthem. You can find similar groupsat this site https://www.channel-member.com/channellist.aspx and  Act or advertiseon it , it was possible foryouto shareyourfavorite posts onit. If the group managersdo not allow you to do this, try tomakeafriendlyrelationshipwith them.  For example, share some of their posts onyourchannel and instead ask them to allow you toactontheirgroups .

You can also participate in the super-groups discussions thatrelated to your field and answer other users' questions.  Try to prove yourself at your work. Try to introduce yourself and your channelsubtlety by the posts that you share intogroups  . For example, if you answered the question, at the endyou can point that you have a channel.  Be sure, by doing this, you canrefer many people to your channel.



7. Link your telegram channel to your other social networks

Publishing your channel invitation link on another channel can certainly be one of the best ways to increase the membership of the telegram. Putyour telegram channel address on each social network that you are activeFor example, it's a good idea to put your telegram channel address in yourInstagramBioOr, for example, inyourAparatchannel, in addition to the website address, putyourtelegram channel address in the social media sectionIn general, try to set up yourtelegramchannel address on any site you haveprofiles .


. Include your channel in the Telegram channel directories8

There are a number of sites that can be used as a directory of telegram channels to increase themembersof telegram channels.  These siteshave subject categoriesthatinsert telegramchannels on different topics on theirsite . Some of them may alsoreceive some moneyforregisteringyour channel address, which usually will receive a small amount of money.  For example, 10 thousandtomansandforever !

 These sites can befoundthrough Google searches, some ofthemare asfollows :

Telegram group link




. Creating aCompetitionandawarding prizes 9



One of the best ways to increasethemembers  oftelegram Channelis to runacompetition.  You must have seen thecontests in the telegram sofarSometime ago , Isaw a $ 100 contest for BestBitcoinpriceIn this contest, anyone could announcehisprediction of rising or decreasingBitcoinprices in the last 15 days. The prediction  ofthe highest hits and the closest price in the next 15 days is announcedas a winner.

It does not matter what your channel isaboutSuppose you are the managerofguitar instruction channelJust ask your channel users to play a piece and send it to you.  Each piece thatearns the most likes is thewinner .

The important thing is to have a special prize so that many users are encouraged to participate in the competition.  If youpresentservices or products, you cangive the winnerone of your products or a discount code to buyproducts .


10. Invite yoursitevisitors to your telegram channel

There are many ways to getyour sitevisitors to your telegram channel.  One of these ways is to invite your siteusers tosee thepost that is onlyshared on your telegramchannel . In general, anything that does not exist on your siteand itis onlyexiston your telegram channel, the user will be forced to see that item in your telegram channel.  You can also invite users of your site to your telegram channel via e-mail .

For example, send an email to them, in which you can point out that tonight at 10 o'clock, we will publish the articlein our channel, or our new product will bepresented with special discounts for telegrammembers . toavoid losing  this opportunity , joinour telegram channelnow .

To allow visitorswhovisiting your site to join yourtelegramchannel, you canmakespecial suggestions for them. For example, before a visitorleaves  yoursite, you can make apop-upsuggestiontohim .

You can also inviteyour sitevisitors and members to your telegram channelbyall posts of your site.  For example, you can design a banner like the one below and put all your posts in the ad sectionbelow .


Howcanwe keep our channel telegrammembers ?

One of the most important ways to increase the channel’s members is to keep them on the channel. That is, you should be able to create a gravity channel that if a new member is entered into the channel, stay tuned to the channel. The items I mentioned here were about increasing the members of telegram channel.  But keeping the followers is more  important than increasing them on the channel.  In many cases, keeping members of the channel is more difficult and harder than increasing them .The tips below will help you keeping the majority of your buy telegram channel members .


. Do not prefer quantity toquality !1

 The amount of posts that you shareonyour channel on the day is not important at allThe quality of the contentthatyoushare is importantDo not try tobeloyal to your channel members by posting irrelevant and unimportant posts on your channel.  By doingthis, just hit them from yourchannel . Try to keep publishing channel posts up todate .


2. Shareyour channelposts on a specifictime

Depending on your audience's awareness, trysharing your posts at certaintimes.  Neverexaggerated  insharingyour posts.  Try to make your audience stand out.  For example, always send a post to them at 10:00 am.  Usually, posts that are sent between 2 am and 8amdonothave agoodreturn  .


3. Interact with your channel audiences

Stay in touch with your channel members.  Check out their tastes.  For example, asking them toraiseapollsand ask them about the subjects that they areinterested inThis will maketheirpresence on your channel longer.  If yourwork fieldallows you toask them to send theirposts or photos to be published on yourchannel .


. Do notspecifyYour Channelfor Advertising !4

 Do notexaggeratedin sharing advertisingposts.  Because this will reduce the number of your channelmembersThe people whoexiston your channel are due to the usefuland appropriate contentthat you share with them.  They do not like to turn your channel into aplacefor advertising.  If you intend to exchange with other channels or put ads on your channel, you can assign a specific time period to thiswork .


5. Justify your channel managers

If you are using othermanagersto create content or manage your channel more easily, you must make sure they arecompletely justified.  For example, tell them all posts should have your own channel tags and proprietary.  Or ask them not to use much of the copying content of other channels.  Check the time of posting withthem .


Conclusion and last speech

My last suggestion is that you should not use anyfake telegram members  in any way. itshould be noted that increasing the number of telegram members in unusual ways, such as robots and software that is found on the Internet in many ways these days, will not only be ineffective. In most cases, it willwaste your time and money. If you are really specialist in your work, try to use the methods outlined in this article to increase your telegram channel's members. The techniques presented in this article for increasing the members of the telegram channel are all perfectly standard, effective and practical, I hope you've used enough of thisarticle .



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